The Minnesota Child, Melanie Ida Chopko at Revolution Cafe


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3248 22nd St.
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(415) 642-0474
(415) 642-0474

The Minnesota Child is the moniker of Oakland-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ethan Buckner. His songs blend soulful melodies, stirring lyrics, and intricate harmonies to produce a rhythmic indie folk/pop sound that inspires and connects listeners. In 2016, Ethan teamed up with his brother, drummer and producer Matt Buckner, to infuse his raw and emotional songs with a lush and symphonic sound. In February 2018, TMC debuted as a full band headlining Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. His brand-new record, Fireflies, is “a life affirming, joyful collection of songs that find the beauty in both the dark and the light” (Impose).

“She writes for all the right reasons, her songs are little gems.” – listener

Melanie Ida Chopko writes and performs, according to one reviewer, “with wit, acuity and grace.” Her songs on guitar and piano feature astute lyrics and melody, folding together modern folk and blues with a big crush on jazz. In the tradition of the citizen artist, she is as interested in the complexity of the world around her as the one within herself, exploring both with artistry, intimacy and humor. Onstage she blurs the line between musician and storyteller to move and delight her audience, making them laugh out loud and then cracking their hearts open.